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PVC threading pipe equipment, PVC threading pipe production line, PVC threading pipe machinery

PVC threading pipe machine PVC threading pipe equipment

Qingdao Chaofeng Plastic Machine Manufacturing Co。, Ltd。 is a professional manufacturer of PVC threading pipe production line equipment。 The PVC threading pipe production line equipment consists of SJSZ-51/106 cone double rod extruder with double tube die, double tube vacuum sizing water tank, double tube tractor, double tube fixed length cutting machine and double unloading rack。 Direct production with powder, no granulation, labor saving, high production efficiency。 It can produce U-PVC building electrical casings with diameters of 16mm - 40mm, building water supply pipes, etc。, with the following characteristics:

1. One-mode double pipe, the production efficiency is more than doubled

2. Independent control, practical and convenient operation

3. The screw is highly plasticized and the tube has good cold bendability.

4. Automatic fixed length cutting, variable frequency stepless speed regulation

金陵棋牌游戏Our company installs, commissions and trains the equipment free of charge until the production workers operate independently, and provides advanced technology formula to implement turnkey projects。

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