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Plastic double wall corrugated pipe production line
Product introduction

This production line mainly uses polyethylene as raw material to produce large-diameter double-wall corrugated pipe. Because of its light weight, good impact resistance, high ring stiffness and strong corrosion resistance, this pipe is widely used in power cable sheathing. Buried pipes, urban drainage pipes, and water transporting up and down the building. The molding machine, machine head and module are precision machined by numerical control equipment, with high precision, which can ensure various performance indexes of the forming pipe; the cutting machine double-knife has excellent cutting precision, which makes the pipe section straight and neat.

The main technical parameters
Production specificationsAuxiliary extruderModule numberPipe specification (mm)
SJSBGZ160SJ9048 (6 inch)φ90-φ160
SJSBGZ500SJ12042 (6 inch)φ160-φ500

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