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PE carbon spiral reinforced pipe production line

※ The special single-screw extruder for polyolefin is equipped with high-speed extrusion and high-speed speed。

※ The special separation type mixing screw and spiral structure head have reasonable flow path and smooth inner and outer walls of the pipe.

※ Specially designed sizing cooling method: the production range is 50-200mm, and the production speed is as high as 0。6-1。5m/min。

※ Standard designed pipe head

金陵棋牌游戏※ Spiral distribution type of fluid, large flow space, to ensure that the melt has sufficient residence time.

※ The optimal design of low melting temperature, the internal stress of the pipe is small, and the inner and outer surfaces are smooth.

※ High flexibility, suitable for co-extrusion of all polyolefin materials, can be extruded in two layers, three layers of spiral reinforced tubes of different specifications.

※ The optimized design of the copper spiral sizing sleeve has a pre-cooling device and a powerful vacuum suction device at the inlet end, which is suitable for high-speed extrusion of the pipe。

※ Specially designed sprinklers provide efficient spray cooling。

※ Longitudinal movement motor adjustment, three-dimensional adjustment can be realized up and down and left and right.

※ The cabinet is made of stainless steel。

金陵棋牌游戏※ High efficiency pumps and special sprinklers provide efficient spray cooling。

Machine headф50-200ф50-125

Sizing tank

Winding machineSQ-200SQ-200

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