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PVC multi-function large diameter pipe production line

It is mainly used for the production of U-PVC and C-PVC water supply and drainage large diameter pipes。

金陵棋牌游戏It consists of a twin-screw extruder, a machine head, a vacuum sizing device, a multi-track tractor, and a cutter turning frame.

Conical, parallel twin-screw extruders are selected according to different needs.

Parameters, modelSJGF-160SJGF-250SJGF-400SJGF-630
Equipped with extruderSJZ60SJZ65SJZ80SJZ92
Pipe range (mm)φ63-φ160φ110-φ250φ200-φ400φ315-φ710
Traction speed (m/min)0.8-100.5-50.3-40.2-3
Installed capacity (kW)8995135255
Total length (mm) 20000205002800030000

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