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PVC, PE porous pipe production line

This production line is a new type of PVC and PE porous sheathed tube developed by our company according to the development of communication pipeline。 The production line uses PVC and PE as the main raw materials。 By configuring different forming heads and shaping dies, it can produce PVC and PE porous sheathed tubes of various specifications。 The products have high compressive strength, light weight, long service life and construction。 Convenient and other advantages, because the sheath and the sub-tube are integrated, it can be completed in one time, without the need to wear a secondary tube。 At present, the products have 4 holes, 5 holes, 6 holes and various specifications of square tubes。 Can adapt to the needs of different situations。

The main technical parameters

Host / model


65/132 cone

Length to diameter ratio

30 : 1

22 : 1

Motor power kw



Screw speed

4 - 38

3。7 - 37

金陵棋牌游戏Maximum output kg



Unit weight kg



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