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PE large diameter jacket tube extruder production line (polyethylene jacket tube production line)

This unit is mainly used for the production of large diameter PE insulation pipes. Its products are mainly used in the outer layer of the heating pipe, the middle layer is a polyurethane foam layer, and the inner layer is a steel pipe. Water supply pipes, drain pipes, etc. can also be produced. The unit is mainly composed of extruder, head, cooling water tank, tractor, air-sealing machine, bracket and electrical control part.

Product description:

Use and characteristics

One: use

SJ series single-screw plastic extruder is a plastic plastic extrusion machine. It can be used in combination with various auxiliary machines (die, mandrel) and soft and hard polyethylene and polypropylene. Raw materials such as PVC, PVC, etc. are produced in tubes, rods, strips, blown films, drawn wires, blown bottles and coated wires, cables and insulation layers.

Two: Features

1。 It adopts variable frequency speed regulation energy-saving motor, which is an AC constant torque speed regulating motor。 It achieves stepless speed regulation through inverter control。 It has wide speed regulation range, low power consumption, small control power, good starting performance and large torque。 Features。

2, the use of high hardness gear reducer, reliable transmission, easy maintenance, suitable for long-term work。

3。 The plasticizing screw is designed reasonably。 Under the high speed state, the material is not easy to be decomposed。 The screw can accelerate the melting of the material and reduce the pressure fluctuation, so that the product is uniform and the production yield is high。

4。 The KTV bushing is provided in the feeding section of the hopper chamber to speed up the particle transfer rate and stabilize the performance of the extruder。

5, with dual-channel temperature automatic control instrument, the temperature fluctuation is small when heating, according to different plastic processing technology, choose the ideal heating temperature, and can automatically control the temperature of the machine head and barrel。

6。 The cooling fan is directly connected to the heating coil to improve the cooling effect of the barrel。

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