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Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe production line

As a new type of pore-forming material, prestressed single corrugated pipe has the advantages of not being afraid of acid and alkali corrosion, good sealing performance, no water seepage, slurry leakage, high ring stiffness, low friction coefficient, anti-aging and anti-aging。 Electro-corrosion, good softness and toughness, not easy to be broken by the crowbar, convenient construction and connection, etc。, solves all the drawbacks of the traditional metal bellows。 The pipe was originally imported from abroad, with high prices and long delivery times。 In response to the sub-status, Qingdao Zhongpin Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co。, Ltd。, based on the active digestion and absorption of imported equipment, relied on scientific research institutions to develop and produce a pipe production line based on HDPE prestressed single-wall corrugated pipes。 Production specifications range from φ50mm to φ160mm。 The project fills the domestic gap and will undoubtedly promote the promotion and application of prestressed single-wall corrugated pipe to a good value, and will also bring lucrative profits to product manufacturers。


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