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Medical tube production line infusion tube production line

1. This unit is mainly used to produce PVC, PP, PE and other plastic hoses, which can be widely used in medical, chemical, beverage and other industries.

金陵棋牌游戏2. Production hoses: single tube, single tube with color standard, tube with equal diameter, tube with different diameter, tube with color code.

3。 The unit is designed with advanced design, the main machine and the marking machine are all controlled by frequency conversion, and the extrusion speed is stable。

4. The water level and water temperature of the cooling water tank are automatically controlled.

5。 The traction machine adopts the combination of belt and pressure roller, frequency control and stable traction speed。


Product description:

Small diameter hose, medical pipe equipment

Host model: FSJ-45×25 stainless steel sink, 2 meters in length, with blow dryer

Non-toxic plastic flat belt tractor, power: 0.06kw × 2 double station coiler, power: 0.75kw

Production line use: production of PVC medical tube / medical tube, any special size double cavity, multi-lumen tube and co-extrusion identification tube.

Product features: high precision, product tolerance can reach the international level of ± 0.05mm.

On-line inspection, the detection accuracy is ±0.003mm.


Machine features:

1. The screw barrel is made of high-strength nitrided alloy steel (38CrMoALA) or high-strength hardened alloy steel (9Cr18MOV). The main engine is driven by Japan Fuji or Japan Yaskawa AC inverter controller; the temperature controller is selected from Japan RKC temperature control table, temperature control Accuracy reaches ±1 °C;

2, double-disc winding machine is driven by torque motor, constant tension control, automatic meter counting function

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