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High-speed glass fiber reinforced composite PP-R pipe production line
Unit features

The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic special extruder, bimetal screw and screw barrel not only ensures high speed extrusion but also guarantees the service life of the extruder;

The specially designed composite co-extrusion head ensures uniform thickness of the three layers, and the thickness of each layer is adjusted online at will;

Equipped with high-speed multi-group roller tension flat belt tractor, it completely subverts the jitter phenomenon of ordinary tractor;

The high-speed chipless cutting machine with independent intellectual property rights not only ensures the flat section but also ensures the high-speed cutting of the pipe. .

The imported PCC computer control system not only ensures the control accuracy but also ensures automatic continuous production;

金陵棋牌游戏Compared with ordinary PP-R, the produced products have high compressive strength, high temperature without deformation, no bending and minimal longitudinal retraction rate, which completely solves the defect of PP-R conveying hot water deformation.


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