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Extrusion series mould

First, PP-R pipe mold:

Specifications ф20-160

Mold type: blue, spiral mold.

Mold features:

1。 The melt flow rate reaches the expected mechanical uniformity and thermal uniformity。

2, no need for the core mold bracket, so that the flow pattern often occurs in production disappears.

3, less pressure consumption, high output, the output can reach 80% of the extrusion.

4。 The mechanism is compact, the connection is reasonable, and the replacement is convenient。

金陵棋牌游戏5. Made of high quality die steel.

6, using stainless steel or copper water ring sizing sleeve.

Second, PE pipe mold:

Specification: ф10-630

Mold type; bracket type, spiral type, blue type, co-extruded composite mold。

Scope of application: tap water pipe, gas pipe, heat preservation anticorrosive pipe, heat pipe, jacket pipe

Third, PVC pipe mold:

Specification: ф10-630

PVC spiral foam tube mold 50-160 (multiple use of one machine).

Replacing the die and the mandrel can produce a foamed inner spiral tube, a solid wall inner spiral tube, a solid wall tube, and a foam tube.

Fourth, sheet mold:


Thickness: 0。15-30mm

Width: 200-2000mm

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