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Winding machine introduction

The double-disc winding machine is mainly suitable for the winding of aluminum-plastic composite pipe, PPR pipe, PE pipe, small hose and the like。 It is mainly used in conjunction with the pipe production line produced by our factory to form a complete production line。 Generally installed in the rear process of the traction machine, after the forming pipe diameter is towed, the volume is directly received, packaged, and the chaos caused by the winding is avoided。


Winder features

This machine can use the electromagnetic clutch to make the two discs alternately use when the motor is not stopped, to make up for the time difference of the blanking, to ensure the continuous operation of the whole production line, and at the same time, it is equipped with a polished rod cable arranger to carry out the line and reach the row. The line is uniform, the winding is neat, the structure is compact, the degree of automation is high, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is convenient. It is an ideal equipment for the domestic and international plastic machinery industry, especially for the plastics enterprises producing pipes.

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