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The Questions
  • In recent years, the growing demand for injection molding products in the automotive, construction, household appliances, food and pharmaceutical industries has driven the development and improvement of injection molding technology. The plastics machinery industry has grown with the development of polymer chemistry and plastics processing, and has
  • At present, China's ethylene industry has entered a period of rapid development, especially the coal-to-olefins ethylene project, which has developed rapidly in recent years. The large-scale mixing and squeezing granulating unit is a key petrochemical key equipment for ethylene engineering that is urgently needed for localization, and can be ap
  • Faced with severe energy and environmental challenges, the disposal and recycling of waste plastics is increasingly valued by countries around the world, and China is no exception. The waste plastics recycling industry has experienced raging developments of “reducing profits with increasingly scarce resources and environmental costs” for decades. U
  • At present, the global plastic chemical raw materials market prices continue to rise, but market demand is still strong. At the same time, with the increasingly severe white pollution prevention and control situation, the market prospects of recycled plastic granulators are consistently optimistic. In recent years, the plastic machinery industry ha
  •  The plastic sheet production line is a type of plastic machinery. Sheet machine, sheet production line, sheet equipment, sheet extruder Method of operation 1. PVC plastic sheet production line preheating: This is to make the mold heated before starting, it needs to be preheated to mold heating. 2. Clamping: Reasonable adjustmen
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