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2018 China Plastics Machinery Industry Advantage Enterprise Selection Results Announced
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In recent years, the growing demand for injection molding products in the automotive, construction, household appliances, food and pharmaceutical industries has driven the development and improvement of injection molding technology。 The plastics machinery industry has grown with the development of polymer chemistry and plastics processing, and has gradually become an independent industrial sector。


2018 China Plastics Machinery Industry Advantage Enterprise Selection Campaign (see China Plastic Machinery Association [2018] No. 16 Document) is a wide-ranging and large-scale brand comprehensive strength ranking selection activity organized by China Plastic Machinery Industry Association. Since the launch of the event, the response has been enthusiastic. It has not only attracted a large number of domestic brands and distributors, but also attracted a lot of well-known online media such as Sina and Netease to share the brand feast. Based on the principle of “fairness, justice and voluntariness”, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association ranks the main economic indicators with “main business income” and “net profit” respectively. After several rounds of audits, it selects outstanding brands with outstanding quality in the industry. . This also provides an opportunity for domestic excellent plastic machinery brands to gather popularity, improve brand awareness and influence.


According to the 2017 annual data submitted by various units, after review and verification by relevant departments, it was determined that “2018 China Plastics Machinery Manufacturing Industry Top 30 Enterprises” “2018 China Plastic Injection Molding Machine Industry Top 15 Enterprises” “2018 China Plastic Extrusion Molding "Top 10 enterprises in the machine industry" "2018 China Plastic Blow Molding Machine Industry Top 3 Enterprises" and "2018 China Plastic Machine Auxiliary Machines and Accessories Industry Top 5 Enterprises" were selected.


Compared with 2017, the “Top 20 Chinese Plastic Machine Manufacturing Industry Top 30 Enterprises” (according to the main business) is still firmly won by Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co。, Ltd。, which is Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co。, Ltd。 Since 2011, it has been ranked first for eight consecutive years。 Among the top five companies, it is worth noting that Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co。, Ltd。, which rushed to the second place from the fifth place in the previous year, and the development momentum is gratifying。 Among the “Top 30 Enterprises”, most of them are listed in the previous two years, but the rankings are slightly different; but there are also some emerging companies that have entered the top 30 list for the first time, such as Ningbo Fangli Group Co。, Ltd。 Guangdong Leshan Intelligent Equipment Co。, Ltd。, Ningbo Kangrun Machinery Technology Co。, Ltd。, Jiangsu Chengmeng Equipment Co。, Ltd。, Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co。, Ltd。 and Dekemo Plastics Technology (Dongguan) Co。, Ltd。, etc。 After 25, but also can be sure of their rapid development this year。 This phenomenon of singing me to debut will continue to be staged as the company develops。


The top three companies of “2018 China Plastic Injection Molding Machine Industry Top 15” are still occupied by Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Zhenxiong Group Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Yizhi Mijing Machinery Co., Ltd., and the entire list is in 2017. Compared with the change, Bochuang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has swiftly rushed into the top five of the list.


The top 20 companies in China's plastic extrusion molding machine industry” is Shanghai Jinwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; and the “Top 20 Chinese Plastics Blow Molding Machine Industry” list was selected by Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd. "2018 China's top 5 plastic machine auxiliary machinery and accessories industry" was won by the Ningbo Hongyi Technology Co., Ltd., which was not listed in 2017.


The huge development potential of China's plastics processing industry has opened up a broader space for the rapid growth of the plastics machinery industry。 With the growing market demand and national policy support, China's injection molding machine industry has achieved rapid development。 The 2018 China Plastics Machinery Industry Advantage Enterprise Selection Campaign organized by China Plastic Machinery Industry Association will enable relevant plastic machinery enterprises, research institutes and governments to accurately and comprehensively and quickly understand the development trend of the plastic machinery industry, so as to formulate a reasonable development strategy。 In turn, it promotes healthy competition among enterprises and promotes the development of China's plastic machine industry in the direction of standardization, industrialization and internationalization。


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