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Localization of key equipment in the press industry is just around the corner
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At present, China's ethylene industry has entered a period of rapid development, especially the coal-to-olefins ethylene project, which has developed rapidly in recent years. The large-scale mixing and squeezing granulating unit is a key petrochemical key equipment for ethylene engineering that is urgently needed for localization, and can be applied to petroleum refining and coal chemical olefin granulation processes. Relevant industry experts pointed out that the results of the domestic research and development of large-scale polyethylene continuous mixing and sizing granulators in China have surpassed the international, and the technical achievements have occupied an important domestic pull. The overall indicators have reached the international advanced level, and some of the performances are better than imports. Similar units have significant economic and social benefits and hope to promote them.


Recently, the 450,000-ton/year HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) unit extrusion granulator, which was built by the Refining and Chemical Engineering Ten Construction Company, was successfully built and produced qualified products。 This indicates that each unit of the project enters the driving and feeding stage。


Ten Jianyan HDPE project extrusion granulators started successfully


It is understood that the extrusion granulation unit is the core equipment of the 450,000 tons/year HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) unit and the world's largest single-production high-density polyethylene production line. All the employees participating in the construction of Yan'an Petrochemical Project have improved the efficiency of project construction through management innovation and work efficiency improvement. The installation process pipeline has a total installed capacity of 200,000 ,, 3,900 tons of steel structure, 267 sets of process equipment and 180,000 meters of electrical cables. Production line construction tasks such as instrument cable 338000 meters. At the end of May, the unit was successfully launched for the first time.


At present, the unit is operating normally, and all the indicators have met the design requirements。 After 24 hours shift work, the equipment has been ensured to be safe, high quality, efficient and stable。 This shows that the special scientific research achievements in the field of large-scale mixing and extrusion granulators in China have made new progress。


In recent years, China has never stopped on the road of localization of large-scale polyethylene continuous mixing and squeezing granulators. From design to development, through technological innovation to overcome difficulties, and finally won a variety of patents, filling a number of domestic industry gaps.


Large rubber and plastics company 300 ~ 350,000 tons / year large extrusion granulation unit passed the acceptance


The major project of scientific and technological innovation of Liaoning Province “30-300,000 tons/year LLDPE double-support continuous mixing and squeezing granulator unit” undertaken by Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been completed as early as two years ago. Acceptance work.


金陵棋牌游戏It is reported that the large-scale polyethylene continuous mixing and squeezing granulating unit is the key equipment for the million-ton ethylene project。 In the past, it was imported 100% domestically and it is a national major equipment localization project。 Since 2011, the project has been established in the Ministry of Science and Technology of Sinopec, and has organized six companies including Big Rubber & Plastics Co。, Ltd。 and Beijing University of Chemical Technology to conduct research on production, education and research, and is mainly undertaken by Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Co。, Ltd。


In the major granulation project, Da Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. completed a complete set of development work including design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, and operation management of the whole machine, realizing intelligent control of one-button driving of the unit and conquering large and complex surfaces. Key technologies for the design and manufacture of key components such as integral rotors, large barrels, dual output shaft super high torque reducers, large displacement melt gear pumps and underwater pelletizing systems.


After nearly three years of research, Da Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd. developed and developed the first large-scale polyethylene continuous mixing and squeezing granulating unit with independent intellectual property rights. It was delivered to Sinopec Qilu Branch in January 2013. After nearly three years of operation assessment, it fully meets the user's process requirements, and the operation is stable and reliable.


金陵棋牌游戏At the same time, the unit was used as an important component of the 1.37 million tons of coal-to-olefins project in the Zhongtian Hechuang Erdos coal chemical project, and the full-load performance test was carried out. After application verification, the main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. The project units can replace imports, which has certain positive effects on breaking the long-term foreign technology and price monopoly and promoting the rapid development of China's coal-to-olefins and petrochemical refining and ethylene industries.


In short, in the granulator industry, the breakthrough of technical problems is crucial, and the successful acceptance of special research projects in the field of large-scale mixing and squeezing granulators in China is undoubtedly a major achievement in the industry's scientific and technological exploration. This is of great significance for solving the dependence of China's high-end granulator equipment on imports and breaking foreign technology monopoly. At the same time, it also promotes the rapid development of China's ethylene industry and plastics industry to a certain extent, and makes the beautiful vision of China's plastic machine industry equipment to achieve localization at an early date just around the corner.

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